Common information

The group of companies Simatek has a status of an official “Solution Partner” of Siemens AG Industrial Automation and Drive Technology in Belarus. 

The company realizes complex projects of complicated technological processes automation. We have tens of realized projects in energetics, petro chemistry, food industry, building materials manufacturing, minerals industrymetallurgy.

During 3 last years more then 100 projects were realized.

We offer end-to-end realization of projects by principle Technologies+Automation and full-service engineering including:

  • Technology inspection
  • Designing
  • Procurement and installation
  • Adjustment
  • Training and service

We use programm packages E-plan и AutoCAD for designing.

Except SIEMENS facilities we use equipment of leading european manufacturers.

SIMATEK has all necessary for designing and realization of control systems:

  • Engineering staff
  • Licenses and certificates
  • Production basis and store

Automated control systems are considered as products of Republic of Belarus.

SIMATEK has certification of origin of goods and services.

The quality management system meets stndard  ISO 9001.